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Mark van den Heuvel (Geldrop, The Netherlands, 1982) was raised in the wonderful city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

After turbulent school years, Mark worked as a sound engineer and tour & stage manager for national and international events. Ten years later he started his second career in the telecom business where he quickly reached the position of regional manager at a large international company.

In 2016 Mark’s job is on a dead end.
Commercial business does not give him the satisfaction and freedom he finds in his great passion: fine art photography. He decides to quit his job and continues as a freelance photographer.

At the end of 2016 Mark releases his first photo production: ‘Alienation’. This production is soon recognised by a local art gallery. This cooperation is very successful. His debut, “The Ego Has Landed” and the polaroid series with the old film are sold out rapidly.

In 2017, two unique photographs made by Mark are added to the collection of the Hieronymus Bosch House 2017 as a private collection. These can still be seen in the former house and studio of artist Hieronymus Bosch.

In the beginning of 2021, “Stadhuis II” x 2 are added to the collections of Karlskoga Kommun & Konstenheten of Region Värmland, Sweden.

Mark considers himself as an autodidact and he finds his inspiration mainly in the rapidly changing society with its dynamics. With his photos, he strives to put both a frown and a smile on people’s faces.

Mark is currently living and working in Sweden where he, together with his wife, runs the gallery and shop, Jimena Concept Store. He also keeps on working with new productions which he is inspired by the beautiful Swedish nature as well as issues of societies all around the world.



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Studio Mark & Jimena

P   +46 73 804 52 42




Lange Hezelstraat 89, Nijmegen, NL



Hieronymus Garden I & II added to the Jeroen Bosch Huis collection, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands 

1 – 4 Nov. Affordable Art Fair, Gallerie Sille Kunst, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

25 Jan. – 3 March Group Exhibition ANiMAL with Forogalleri Vasli Souza, Malmo, Sweden
01 Sept. – 31 Dec. Posters Series at Boel073, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
29 Sept. Hantverkrunda Sunne, Hembygdsgard Sunne, Sweden
26 Oct. – 23 Nov. Solo Exhibition, Galleri Björken, Sunne, Sweden 

10 – 12 Apr. Frykens Konstrunda, Frykenstrand, Sunne, Sweden (canceled)
30 Mar. – 25 Apr. Solo Exhibition, Torsby Bibliotek, Torsby, Sweden 
18 Apr. – 23 Apr. Online Exhibition, Marvelous Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
27 Jun. – 19 Jul. Group Exhibition, Gallery Studio Todays, Changing Ruins Exhibition 2020, Nagoya, Japan
26 & 27 Sept. Hantverkrunda Sunne, Jimena Concept Store, Gräsmark, Sweden 

09 – 30 Jan. Kika Galleri Konst I Karlstad, Karlstad, Sweden 
05 Jun – 14 Aug. Group Exhibition, Galleri Björken, Sunne, Sweden 
28 oct – 31 dec. Group Exhibition, Dutch Art House – Schijndel 

15 – 17 April Frykens Konstrunda, Frykenstrand, Sunne, Sweden
28 May – 18 June Solo Exhibition, Galleri Passagen, Årjäng, Sweden
11 June – 28 Aug. Group Exhibition 100% PALETT, Laxholmen Kulturhus, Munkfors, Sweden



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Marvelous Art Magazine May 2020 Issue 
QuarantineMag Contemporary Art Magazine



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